Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saw Lupe Yesterday & Stumbled Over My Words

(in photo: students forming a line outside of the auditorium to see Lupe Fiasco)
(in photo: Lupe Fiasco and Chris Moore)

Last week I had to call out on my Monday for the news at WPFW because I was way behind with everything. I had just gotten back from North Carolina, had an event and really needed an exhale moment. So, yesterday when I returned to do the news as I've done since August from 1pm to 3pm, I was returning after two weeks.

I was late getting in.

I had gotten cocky thinking that I didn't need that much time to gather news, but, yesterday proved otherwise. I got in so late that I had to scamble to get the news together and then when I got on the air, I was so halting and jumbly over my words, it was an effort just getting things out. It was a mess.

I got it a bit together at 3pm when I read it again, but I definitely wasn't rocking my radio voice in splendor like I strive to do each Monday.

Avoiding the Boot
After WPFW, I dashed to George Washington University to cover an event featuring hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco. I got lost and when I found a parking space, I got immediately nervous because I have unpaid parking tickets and even if you park legally, if the parking cops do a computer search of your license plate and find you have unpaid tickets, you can get booted. My car was booted after my interview on Fox 5 for the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest. Nothing brings your high down any quicker than having a grand interview and finding out your car is booted and you are stranded miles from home. All of my unpaid tickets, ironically, have been garnered from past day jobs where I've been required to drive and park and get held up and can't move my car within that damnable two hour time frame. The wonderful places of employment (and I say that sarcastically) didn't even pay for the tickets when it was agreed that they were garnered during work time and because of work...but I digress.

So, I didn't want to get a ticket. I was feeding the meter and ran out of coins and this wonderfully nice lady stopped and gave me coins when she saw my expression of frustration when I ran out of coins. That made my heart feel good---> nice people still exist.

However, I still needed another dollars worth (had already plugged in about three dollars worth). As I was walking to this nearby bar to get change, I saw a parking cop. I saw him eye my plates and speak into a walkie talkie. And, then I did it. I began to follow him.

"Excuse me, um, excuse me," I called to him.

He turned around. And then he smiled. I think he thinks I'm hitting on him, I thought.

"Um, did you just call someone about my car?"
His smile disappears. "Which one is your car?"
I point. "Nah," he says. "We getting the one in front of you. You straight."

As I exhaled a sigh of relief, I wanted to write a note of warning to the car in front of me. See, they weren't about to get ticketed, they were about to get booted. As I looked in my purse for paper to write the note, thankfully, I saw the owner of the car jump in and pull out. If only they knew how close they were to getting booted.

Lupe Fiasco

So, I got to the GWU media center and signed in as press and later took part in my third press conference ever. It was fun. Check out the video below and photos from it. Read my article for Examiner.com about the event yesterday.

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