Monday, November 2, 2009

FreeSoul@ArtSpring this past weekend

(Photos from top: Quineice Clarkson, Lyle Link & Gary Young; Lil Kitty; Gary Young & Sadie Flick; Moon & Sharon Burton of Authentic Contemporary Art; Mommy & Bumble Bee there to make crafts; Arts & Crafts fun)
FreeSoul @ ArtSpring was an event this past Halloween at ArtSpring in Silver Spring, MD presented by my production group Liberated Muse Productions and Authentic Contemporary Art, an art organizaton led by Sharon Burton.
The event featured singers Quineice Clarkson, Ne'a Posey and Sadie Flick and fantastic musicians Gary Young and Lyle Link. Arts and crafts were available for youngsters to participate in and, of course, there was candy!
The event was not well-attended at all. A handful of people came through and the weather was pretty rainy. I was not in the best frame of mind given the things that have taken place this past week, but, I had a wonderfully enjoyable time hearing the great sounds from the playing musicians, most of them who are my friends. My mom led the arts and crafts table and I appreciate her help knowing that she is dealing with a lot as well with my brother being deployed less than five days ago.
I was really sad at first about the turn-out, hoping that it would boost my spirit. But, instead of focusing on the dismal turn-out of audience goers, I looked at the turn-out of folks who participated as performers and volunteers. My spouse worked sound, his oldest daughter helped with arts and crafts, my business partner hosted, my friends performed, folks I didn't know well performed as well-- WITHOUT PAY-- and those who came out bought our book and participated in what we had to offer. There is blessing every which way you look. Sometimes you have to make sure you are not choosing to be ungrateful, because there is always a reason for gratefulness. I wanted to make sure that those who participated know that I am sooo grateful they were a part of the event despite our small turn-out!

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