Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moon in Killer Stilts

(In photo: My little one on her first day of school this week)

So, this has been a busy week. My little one started first grade and the verdict is in---> School Rocks! I am so thrilled she is enjoying her new school year with her new teacher and friends. I literally had to have a therapy moment with her the night before school started because she was a bit nervous about starting the new school year with a new teacher. I was consoling her that she is smart enough for first-grade and the kids there will like her. It's so precious to me how little ones are so sensitive and need so much reassurance. They depend on us so much. These formative years, I believe, will dictate how they treat those in their life once they become adults. I really hope I am poising my little girl to be a sensitive friend to others. It's hard to be that sometimes, I struggle with that even now.

So, to make a long story short, my baby loves school and I'm thrilled!

While she is at school, I am pretty business during the day. What I hadn't mentioned in the last blog post was that I had taken on the commitment of being part of a new production. While my performance group, The Saartjie Project is on hiatus from performing as a group as we develop new work and do individual projects, I was selected as part of the cast of the upcoming performance Killer Stilts. I won't say too much about it other than I play a character who is a celestial being, pretty much like my moniker, Moon. Ok, well, not really, but you have to come out and see for yourself so I don't go into too much detail and ruin it. *smiling*

The production Killer Stilts is written and directed by Susan Faucon, a singer and healer based in Takoma Park, MD. I am thrilled about the opportunity to work with her and another talented actress in the production who is a jazz singer who performs regularly at spots around DC. Her name is Amafujo Nicholas and is part of the band Our Mood Swings. Her partner Kenneth is also in the play as a musician and co-founder of Our Mood Swings. Great folks I am so honored to work with.

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