Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Heart the Little Ones

Worked with little ones today-- this time 4 year-olds, 5 year-olds, and a couple of 6 and 7 year-olds. My own 5 year-old was my "assistant". It was nice. There were about 6 elders in the room with me as I worked with the young children and it was interesting how different our styles are working with children. While I was trying to encourage the kids to talk and interact, the elders were periodically on the kids to "stop talking!" or "keep still" or "pay attention" which kind of halted a lot of the organic movement of the art activity I was doing with the kids. It was a learning experience for me on how to peacefully maintain control despite conflict of facilitation styles. I modified the story quilt activity and read two stories-- one to preface the activity and one to follow it up. The children were so engaged, creative and just plain sweet. They also welcomed my daughter into their group with ease.

What really touched my heart was when one five year-old said out of the blue "thank you so much for coming in today to work with us. you are so much fun." I heart the little ones.

Ok, off to finish this grant I'm working on with two phenomenal artists. I've been slacking enough:-)

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