Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun Today @ the Green Fest

Today was the Green Fest and I had the most fun performing I've had in a long time. One of the greatest moments today was when dancer Binahkaye Joy danced while I sang a cover of Janelle Monae's "Sincerely Jane". I love Binah! I've worked with Binah this past year as part of the Saartjie Project and I love Binah's spirit immensely. Check out the impromptu cameo and dance by Binah HERE.

Gary and Angie were wonderful band mates. I hope we get to work together again.

Of course, we hung out at the fest for four hours after I performed. I love the Green Fest! It was great. You can check out some of the things I saw by clicking HERE.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Craziness Runneth Rampant, But Good Things Shine Through, too, this week has been crazy.

First, my wonderful friend and fellow performer Gary Young shared on Saturday that he lost his family friend, Leika the dog which was so shockingly sad that I have to publicly share my condolences. Gary had his friend for about 16 years and I had the priviledge of meeting her on numerous occasions when rehearsing at Gary's for past and upcoming performances. I had just seen her the weekend before and we laughed at how she was so happy to meet my background singer, my friend Angie Shaw, who was meeting her for the first time. Leika, in her old age, was licky and congenial and very social that day. Gary and I performed the next day for a benefit show which raised funds for an upcoming AIDS documentary, but my heart felt heavy for Gary and his loss. Peace & prayers to my friend.

So, later in the week, I find out that NASA is bombing the moon. I'm sure you have heard of that by now. NASA is actually bombing the moon now. I have been in despair upon hearing this. The NASA scientists seem so happy on the air when they describe how they are going to "splack" the moon open to see if water is beneath the surface.

Um, am I the only one who is aware that the moon controls everything water-related on this planet? Our tides, our moods, planting-- a whole dang lot is based on the moon's phases! I shared with my six year-old about what is happening and she begged me today, before going to school, to save the moon. I wrote this poem yesterday in frustration and concern and have been writing of consciousness that might become something.

Something great did happen; yesterday, I found out I had been selected as a presenter in this year's Mosaic Literary Conference in New York. I presented last year when the conference was called the Re:Verse Literary Festival and Conference, and am thrilled to be able to present again. I will be presenting the use the of the Story Quilt as a literacy building tool as well as a mapping tool for older learners. I will be writing more about the festival in coming weeks, but you can read more about it HERE.

I am a bit bummed because the conference is the same day as the very much anticipated retreat with my sisters of the Saartjie Project. The retreat is at the beautiful retreat Stonesong. I will be sending in before I leave my work I've been working on with the hopes that some of my new pieces make it into our upcoming shows. We will be off of hiatus soon, performing in Baltimore in January at the Strand Theater.
Gary and I are performing with Angie tomorrow at the Green Festival in DC at the Convention Center. The artist CHOKE will be on stage with us doing LIVE ART. Email me if you want a free ticket to the Green Festival (tickets ar $15).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Been Following the Artist Way

So, I think I mentioned earlier that I've been reading the book the Artist Way by Julia Cameron. I've been so amazed with how it affirms the artist life I've taken on this past year. One component of the book has an activity called the Morning Papers which has been very cathartic for me. It's essentially a journaling activity but it is something she encourages you to do, writing up to three pages and then putting away and not looking at until at least eight weeks later. All the censoring thoughts, ego filled feelings and opinions and just overall garbage with good too can come out because its a stream of consciousness activity, really. Man, oh, man. The things I've been holding onto.

Not really being a blocked creative, I didn't think that I was going to have difficulty doing the morning papers. But, there was some initial hesitancy with just keeping it real with myself. I skipped yesterday too. While on Monday a few things I was able to release, today was a flood. I was still thinking of things as I dropped off my daughter at school, but some breakthroughs really surfaced. I have decided I want to introduce this component into my playcations that start this month.

Happy October!


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