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Articles for the Washington Informer, District Chronicles and the Afro

All articles and photos posted are by Khadijah Ali-Coleman. Locate original articles by Khadijah Ali-Coleman at:

Khadijah Ali-Coleman has written articles for Black media including the District Chronicles, the Washington Informer and The Afro-American. Below are some articles submitted and published freelance.

To contact Khadijah regarding freelance writing or photojournalist work, email her at

(photo by Khadijah Ali-Coleman)

Sisters4Sisters (April 2007)

Ben Dawson and MYST Studios (March 2007)
Church in the Nightclub (March 2006)

KEEN serving youth with special needs (March 2006)

Ashley Spears: Southeast Success Story (August 2006) edited by Khadijah Ali-Coleman/written by Maceo Thomas

Martin Luther King's Legacy (Jan 2006)
Healthy Eating for Kids (Jan 2006)
Young People Changing Their Lives (Dec 2005)

Articles Found in East of the River

Khadijah Ali-Coleman has written for the newspaper East of the River ( since Jan 2006 as a freelance writer. She has contributed articles on a range of topics ranging from youth development, local news and education while serving as the columnist for paper's "Southeast Stylings" section which features local artists and eating establishments.

Khadijah has covered and interviewed local and national celebrities for East of the River, including actress Eisa Davis, Step Afrika's Delonte Briggs, singer Kuku, writer Marquita Siler and DC politicians including Marion Barry and Kwame Brown.

Khadijah has contributed both articles and photos for print.


(photo by Khadijah Ali-Coleman)
Christmas East of the River (Dec 2007)
Indie Artists (Dec 2007)
Secrets of Nature (Nov 2007)
Mentally Preparing for College (Oct 2007)
"Prison Poetry" (Oct 2007)
Do Kids Play Outside Anymore? (Sept 2007)
Black Artists of DC (August 2007)
Do Pregnancy Prevention Programs Work? (June 2007)
Actress Eisa Davis Q & A (June 2007)
Ballou High School Documentary (May 2007)
The Artomatic features local artists (May 2007)
Marvin Gaye Park (April 2007)
Show and Tell: Local Celebrities (April 2007)
Girl Power East of the River (March 2007)
Marquita Siler and Dreams in Motion (Feb 2007)
Showtime at the Channel Inn in Washington DC (Dec 2006)
Renaissance in Southeast (Oct 2006)
Derrick Marquis Smith (Aug 2006)
Treasures East of the River (June 2006)
Delonte Briggs and Can a Sista Rock a Mic? (June 2006)
Unfairly Targeting Black Youth (May 2006)
MySpace Music Treasures (May 2006)
Youth Summitt with Marion Barry (Feb 2006)


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