Saturday, August 22, 2009

Liberation is a State of Mind

Life as an indie is wonderful. Don't ever believe the hype otherwise. When you are an indie, you are managing multiple streams of income and responsible for managing your own time. The freedom for some is overwhelming, but, for me, I love it.

I talk a lot about how I have come to where I am in the introduction of our book Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul. (If you haven't gotten your copy, what are you waiting for???)This move in this direction of becoming an indie has been so liberating on many levels but challenging as well. I will be doing workshops soon for folks to come and engage in some of the affirming activities I developed for myself to stay sane in this society which often challenges our values and often asks us to compromise ourselves with the impression that we have no other choice. I'll share more about my workshops as they are fully developed and available for sign-up. But, for now, I wanted to share some of the cards I made that I call "Liberation" cards

Liberation cards are visual affirmations that you create to support you as you move forward toward your goal of living an indie life. I make them index card size and laminate them so I can slip them easily in and out of my purse. To make them, you can you use real photographs, or clippings from magazines and newspapers. You can also draw on them. It's really up to you.

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