Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend: PERFECTION

(In photo: My mothers day breakfast prepared by my sweeties)

Today is Mother's Day.

I just got back from the movies with my daughter and spouse, we saw Iron Man 2. I really enjoyed it. I'm a fan of the Iron Man character and love most movies about robots and superheroes, so it was a win-win for me. Today has been absolutely perfect. Slept late. Had breakfast prepared in my honor and got my car detailed by one of the people who has made the car a moving trashcan for the past three years (that would be the kiddo). They made my three year-old car look like a brand new automobile. God bless them:-)

Mother's Day is my one of my most favorite day of the year. On this day, I'm reminded of the fact that I am a Mommy and of my life as a Mommy and I can do is smile and be so ever grateful.

(In photo: Me with the Coordinator of Covenant House Washington's Prevention Services, Marielle Pierrot)

Yesterday, I hosted the talent portion of Covenant House Washington's National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy activities. I used to work at Covenant House Washington-- I was the Assistant Director of Prevention Services for almost six years--and being back at the site after a four year absence was bittersweet, especially after learning that the Prevention Services program may be ending. The work that I did at Covenant House was life-changing for me and my heart was permanently invested in the work involved with the youth and families living east of the river in DC. Meeting some of the new staff working at Prevention Services, like the Program Coordinator Marielle Pierrot, was encouraging-- seeing that caring staff was in place, but my heart is still saddened with knowing how many of the services have been cut or diminished. Yesterday really moved me to consider how my work as an artist and an educator can be brought back to the area I used to work in.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heading to Texas for Pedagogy & Theater of the Oppressed Conference

(In photo: I'm performing with the theater company The Saartjie Project. We performed in the 2009 Pedagogy & Theater of the Oppressed Conference in Minnesota)

I was excited to learn week before last that my proposal was selected as a workshop for the upcoming Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed which will be in Austin, TX this year. I attended the conference last year with The Saartjie Project and we performed then. I enjoyed being in Minnesota, but I am really looking forward to being Texas. I've only been in Texas briefly when we stopped in Texas when I was a cruise of the Gulf of Mexico.

The workshop I'm presenting is about my first play Shades of Black: a thought in progress which I wrote and produced when working as a college administrator. I will sharing with educators how to use theater as a tool of engagement.
 (In photo: Cast members of the play Shades of Black: a thought in progress produced in 2008)

 (In photo: Promotional flyer for the play Shades of Black: a thought in progress)

I think I'm going to take my 6 year-old. School should be out by then-- or almost out, and I think she will enjoy it. The thing to worry about now is getting a reasonably priced air & hotel package now that airplane tickets are ridiculously priced and airlines charge for every single thing. Wish me luck!


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