Friday, August 21, 2009

Still Promoting the Book and Trying to Get a Breather In

Can't believe that summer is ending in less than a week! Where has the time gone? Now, I'm getting caught up in the flurry of getting my 5 year-old ready for first grade. The items required are not what I remember when I was growing up. I remember needing a notebook, paper, crayons, pencils, reinforcements, glue-- the typical stuff. My daughter, her school is requiring FIVE composition books, folders, glue sticks-- packs of them, computer paper, two pencil boxes, a plastic shoe box and other things that have filled six bags already. Clearly, I'm helping to stock the classroom, lol.

In the midst of getting my little one ready for school, I'm also actively promoting our new book which has been the platform for some wonderful activities. Trying now to get some gigs facilitating artist workshops at the local libraries. Hope you can come up to our upcoming event at the Potter's House on Sept. 11. Click here for details . I'm looking forward to a book signing I have coming up in southeast DC on Sept. 1.

The book can be purchased by clicking HERE

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