Sunday, August 30, 2009

Royalty Check May Be Small, but the Reward is Great

So, this week, I learned that we had sold about 100 copies of Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul between online sales and event and in-person sales from June to July. The royalty check for June arrived on Friday and my life partner shot a photo of me cheesing with it after I opened it. It's a paltry sum (once the publisher gets their cut, it is less than $100), but its a royalty check nonetheless. As I continue to sell books to make the money back I invested, I can't help but think how the book's conception didn't even take place a year ago-- it was less than a year ago, with the actual completion was done in March. Whoa. I am so overwhelmed sometimes of how things happen in your life with just the shortest notice, if any notice at all.
The contributors to the book have the opportunity to sell the book as well and earn profit from selling the book and I hope they use this opportunity to use the book as a calling card of sorts, especially those who don't already have their own individual books published.
I've told the story a couple of times of why I chose to make my first book project an anthology of many people's works instead of mine. The short version of that story is (1) I wanted to see how other folks interpret the concept of freedom and the soul, (2) I couldn't settle on what story-- out of the dozens of short stories I've written-- to develop into a novel and (3) I wanted to use my ability to pay for a book project as a vehicle for others with limited work or low funds to get their work published. In light of those facts, the talent that came forward were those who either had their own books out already or had strong writing credits to their name already. I was TRULY honored--- wait a minute, I AM truly honored to even think about the folks that I ultimately included in the text. They are amazing.

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Anonymous said...

And you're amazing too...congrats!

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