Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nation-Sanctioned & Societally Supported Shout-Day

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays... and one of the major reasons is the eating to be done on this day. Yes, the food. The yamming down. The munching and crunching. The eats, the sweets and the drinks. It is this society's only day when it is acceptable to gorge oneself on the best meat, vegetables, starches and desserts you can find. Who doesn't love that?

But, most of all, what other day do you get to gorge yourself and tell your family you love them and are grateful for them in a crowded room or on a blog and not be self-conscious or be perceived as just overly geeked and pressed? Valentine's day is mainly for sweethearts and Christmas is mainly about giving big-ups to Jesus Christ. No, Thanksgiving is the only nation-sanctioned, societally-supported day to give the entire family shout-outs (or at least the members you actually want to give shout-outs to. Let's be real, everyone doesn't get props).

So, here is my list of Thanksgiving shout-outs (in no particular order) to my family who I love beyond words:

  • I am thankful for my dear spouse of 5+ years of co-parenting rigor. Without his easy demeanor, calm and patience, there would be no example of balance for our daughter when she sees us two--her parents together
  • I am thankful for my child. Her beautiful face is only a glimpse of the beautiful spirit she is. Her feisty energy coupled with her artistic ways never cease to amaze. I am so blessed that her spirit chose me to mother her.
  • I thank my mother for always loving me. This has been a hard year for her, particularly with my brother being deployed, but she still maintains and supports all of her children in the best way she knows how. I love and appreciate her for that.
  • I am thankful for my daughter's paternal grandparents. Any parent knows how important grandparents are in a busy parent's life and boy, my daughter has some of the best grandparents. Through all of our traveling this year, they kept our daughter whenever asked and never fail to love her--their home is her home. They are also very loving to me as well and I couldn't ask for better in-laws.
  • My siblings-- all four of you, I am thankful for you all. You all being born have allowed me to be a big sister and allowed me to know that one child was quite enough for me when I started having kids of my own ;-)
  • My step-daughter, I am very thankful and blessed to know you. You are a stunning young woman both inside and out. Watching you grow into a teenager has been amazing.
  • I am thankful for you, my little nephew. You are funny and talented and I am looking forward to seeing an upcoming tennis match.
  • My Uncle Butch, you are always there when I need software and computer hardware. Though I have no idea where you get your hook-up, I am grateful always for the hook-up you give me.
  • Amenta-Maat, my cousin aka Valerie-- I am thankful for your support of all of my artistic endeavors. Seeing your face at two of my events this year and receiving your emails of support has made me so thankful for your love.
  • Bella, our family dog, I am so thankful for you. I am particularly thankful that this Thanksgiving you are trained enough to not use the bathroom when out of your crate. Please keep up the good work. I want this kind of thankfulness to extend into the new year.
If you are reading this, I want to thank you for reading! And, yes, I am thankful for you, too! Happy Thanksgiving!...and most importantly, Happy Eating! (fingers crossed the turkey comes out ok. Will post dinner story after Thanksgiving)


DeAnna said...

Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and posting my button. If you drop me your link for your Examiner articles I can subscribe to you and read your articles.

Write Moms

Blogger said...

Thanks DeAnna! Will do...your blog is a great resource; thanks for helping us moms out!

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