Friday, November 27, 2009

No Stomachs Were Hurt in the Making of this Meal

(In photo: Our well-fed family)

(In photo: The family after some hearty eating on Thanksgiving 2009)

Yeay! Thanksgiving dinner was a success! And to think you were worried!

Ok, I admit, I was pretty darn scared. I will be honest, too. The pumpkin pies were not that great, but, hey, who is counting when the turkey was divine!

(In photo: The little one was in charge of table decor.)

(In photo: The man of the house injects the bird with some taste goods)

(In photo: The beautiful bird. And, yes, it was slathered in olive-oil based mayo)

(In photo: Our spread-- green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy cranberry sauce & mac & cheese with a twist)

So, hopefully you are up to speed on my cooking tribulations. I am not the world's greatest cook. I am not the greatest cook on my block, nor in my house. That award goes to my dear partner who has the cooking skills of any of those on the Food Network. I swear. His skills are that good. But, he only lets those of us with lower skills and palates partake of his skills when (a) he is in the mood to cook (b) when it is a holiday or special occasion or (c) when he feels like it, which is really the same as (a). For the meal yesterday, he bestowed upon us the most heavenly sweet potato casserole ever and mac & cheese to die for. He also was the muscle behind flipping the bird during the three hours it cooked and injecting it with the seasoning.

I, however, take full credit for everything else regarding the bird. I brined it, rubbed it down and talked to it tenderly, begging it profusely to not burn, go dry or taste unseasoned during my first Thanksgiving run at cooking. It didn't disappoint.


Maceonline said...

glad to hear EMS did not have to attend.

Blogger said...

LOL! Me and you both. Hope your Turkey Day was great.

Madison {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

Looks great! Merry Christmas!
Following from MBC

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Blogger said...

Hi ladies! Thanks so much for the follow, I am returning the favor!

Anonymous said...

how cute..
very nice family photo!

visiting via MBC...Following through google friend connect...hope you will return the favor..

if you want to network more..let me know..

AMH615 said...

It looks great! I love sweet potato casserole!

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