Saturday, November 14, 2009

Celebration of Freedom Art Exhibit Reception @ 4pm

Today is a reception for the artists in the art exhibit Liberated Muse is showcasing in the "Celebration of Freedom" currently up at the Potter's House. It's from 4-6pm at the Potter's House.

I've been really happy that my organization Liberated Muse has been able to create venues for visual artists as well as performing artists. Our social network has been a community full of all kind of artists-- from literary artists and performing artists to visual artists and fiber artists. Exhibitions were only a matter of time.

It's thrilling to see the community grow and the events increase. If you're reading this, hope you can make it today. If not, make sure you mark next Friday, Nov. 20 for your calendar. Click here for the details. I'm performing with Gary & Angie and there are other fabulous artists performing.

As I get ready today, I grabbed a snapshot of a piece my daughter was working on this morning. "Aliens from outerspace". She said that this is me and her. What a great way to start the day.

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