Sunday, November 1, 2009

Been a While: Kentucky, School visit & Saying Good-bye

(In photo: Moon at the State Theatre in Elizabethtown, KY)

To say the past two weeks have been hectic would be an extreme understatement.

Week before last, I traveled with my spouse to Kentucky for a week-long trip sponsored by his job because we may potentially move there. His job is moving and we may go. Right now, we aren't sure, but we have to make a decision soon.

(In photo: The Brown is a Kentucky favorite dish. We had it at the renowned Brown Hotel)

(In photo: Outside in Kentucky. It was pure beauty.)

Kentucky is beautiful. Autumn is so lovely there because of the expanse of rural life and limited urban development. I don't think I'd feel too sad if I left DC. I have been having some feelings of discontent in the area for some while, but, it is where I have called home all my life. The decision will be hard for us both; he is a DC baby like me, too. Our daughter definitely says she does not want to move. We will see. I'm working on trying to convince my mother to come.

(In photo: Participating in a Bourbon tasting in Kentucky near Louisville. Elijah Cray was the top choice!)

Before Kentucky, I visited my daughter's class and did my story quilting exercise with them. I was really pleased to spend time with my little one and her class. I got a chance to check out her teacher who is so very impressive with her absolute chill nature. She doesn't yell and has a very mature relationship with the children. They react and respond to her in a very advanced way. It was an interesting contrast to the class next door where I could hear the teachers yelling for the students to "Be Quiet!"
(In photo: With my daughter's class and teacher)

Last week, my only brother was deployed to Afghanistan. This has been the saddest thing for me to handle as of late.

My brother, who is eleven years younger than me, is so very dear to all of us in my family. The last days we spent with him before his deployment were very hard on us, especially my mother. He was deployed on her birthday. I am anti-war and not the biggest fan of youth joining the military (they are still adolescents!) but my brother and all of us have been raised to practice our own ideals despite how contradictory they may be to what we were raised to believe. I pray for my brother's safety and for all of the children who are in our military.

I am emotionally drained and totally off-kilter. I haven't been following my Artist Way regiment nor exercising and eat properly like I had been doing. I have to get it together.

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