Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Not to Poison my Family & Other Notes to Self

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have never prepared a Thanksgiving meal by myself. I have never hosted people over for Thanksgiving. Technically, I won't be doing either tomorrow. But, alas, I will be preparing the Thanksgiving bird. Of course, my spouse will be supervising all activity I'm involved in in the kitchen, but, I will be in charge of the turkey ultimately.

For most women, this is expected. For me, this is a totally new experience because I have always been the family eater. When folks needed a test subject, that was me. I have honed the gift of eating other people's cooking. Hence, my own cooking skills have never fully been stretched to their potential. Of course there are the common food concoctions I've mastered-- spaghetti, grilled chicken, heating up of canned items, etc., but a big, whole, turkey? No. Never did it. Seasoning is a big thing for me (I admit I do make spicy foods well because I love seasoning) so the prospect of seasoning a big ole bird is a bit daunting. Seasoning injector? Brine marination? If you know what these things are, then you probably are a good cook already. If not, then you are in the same boat with me. I learned yesterday while perusing the Food Network's recipe list of turkey suggestions what brine is. I never knew it was a good thing, it has a sour, putrid ring to it.

I had posted on Facebook my decision to follow a co-worker of my spouse's suggestion to cook the turkey after rubbing it in mayonnaise. The co-worker said it will make the turkey come out juicy. My Facebook friends immediately wrote on my wall to drop the mayo immediately and DO NOT put mayonnaise on the turkey. See what happens when you share your next moves with folks. They save you...or confuse you even more, it's up to you to take it for what its worth. I'm a bit in the confused boat still and I have less than 24 hours left to make a decision on what I'm going to do with this damn bird.

In my other Worlds...

I've begun to lessen the number of involvements that I'm a part of. I am really in touch with my internal workings and lately I've been noticing an energy drop. I've disengaged myself from things that have been really important to me this past year, specifically the Saartjie Project and my writing stint for a paper that I've written for for almost four years. I have loved both opportunities immensely, but, I am now narrowing my focus to two projects I'm hoping to drop in the next year. I hope I am able to share them before the end of next year. Wish me luck...

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