Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Channeling MJ, Adoring Minnie & Passing the Hosting Duties

(In photo: Me performing earlier this year. I'm anticipating my set this Friday)

So, this Friday, I will be performing in a show I'm producing for Liberated Muse Productions. What most folks don't realize is that I am reactivating a performance career that was pretty much put on hold for about four years when I became a Mommy.

Now, I didn't disappear from the arts during those four years-- I still actively wrote and produced shows for the jobs I had since giving birth, but, I wasn't performing--singing, specifically-- like I had been doing before becoming Mommy to Khari. So, the task of putting together a set, getting yourself vocally ready and just being stage ready is something I am still growing into again. I've been performing this past year and a half with the Saartjie Project, singing and acting, but a set that has you singing for 20 minutes + straight is a bit different.

The performance at the Green Fest last month was my debut doing a full set. Gary and I had worked together in May for a benefit show, he playing guitar as I sang the Janelle Monae song "Sincerely Jane". He was naturally the person to turn to accompany me for last month's set at the Green Fest. Gary and I went to college together and came back in touch with each other about three years ago, mainly via Facebook and Myspace. It was only this year when we connected in person again and its been awesome.

Gary has really helped with putting together the set. He wrote a song I performed last month at the Green Fest about the earth and its children and he has a musical ear that is phenomenal. He has really done magic with the original piece I perform "My Tragedy" and the other cover tunes I hit. This coming Friday, I will be singing a song by the Jackson 5 and Gary picked up the melody in minutes. He is brilliant.

(In photo: My friend Gary is a phenomenal musician)

I must admit that I am nervous with the MJ tune. I miss MJ, as if he were a relative, and I am hoping I don't cry during the song. I will also be doing a Minnie Ripperton cover. Now the fear with that one is the hope that my voice doesn't crack. No, I'm not hitting those ceiling reaching notes like she did, but I will be singing pretty high. I hope that my voice doesn't decide to go "sike-a-boo-boo. we don't do that!"

My good friend Angie is doing backing vocals and I am thrilled to be on stage with her and Gary. Their presence lends some comfort to the performance for me. This will be our first event at the Potter's House that I haven't hosted. This will be new for me being there as a performer and handing over the hosting reins. The hostess is a phenomenal poet named Dehejia Maat. I hope you can come out. Check out the flyer below for details.

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jade said...

LOL at your voice going sike a boo boo lol i already know that your performance is going to be GREAT! and that is so awesome about you and Gary connecting with in the past year hes awesome espec since he gave my car a jump when the battery was dead!!! lol love ya!

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