Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Play, Preparing for Spring & Enjoying my Art

So, my new play Running: AMOK will be in this year's Capital Fringe Fest and I'm excited. Yesterday, auditions began for the play and my former bandmate Quineice was the perfect choice for the character LESHELL. Quineice is an amazing vocalist but yesterday, I had first-hand knowledge on how amazing an actress she is. She took the character LESHELL and turned her into a flesh and bone person and it was so thrilling to watch the transformation. I am stoked! Auditions continue this week and here's hoping that I can cast the remaining characters soon so we can get started on production.

I found out also yesterday that the exhibit I had been accepted in, the Making Herstory exhibit, was no longer including me in the exhibit because I missed the two hour window frame to bring in my painting. I was very disappointed at first, especially given that they were extremely disorganized in articulating information and very last minute with giving details on when and where to drop off the paintings-- you would think they would have been more flexible. But, I realized that it was all for the best. Thinking I was going to be in the exhibit forced me to pay for framing of my painting and I love it! It has such a refined appearance now that it is framed.

I haven't finished the painting I began after creating my first one, but I am so inspired to finish it soon. It's the first piece in the Mami Wata series I had been dreaming of creating for the past year now since I saw the Mami Wata exhibit at the African Art Museum. I've been photographing my progress, so I may share that in the coming months if I ever finish the painting *smile*.The weather is getting so pretty here in the area I live and I can't wait for Spring. Once Spring arrives and the weather is more outdoors friendly, I am going to experiment with painting outside on my canvas. I did my affirmation murals that were on wood outside, but never painted on canvas outside. Being outdoors inspires so differently than being indoors does, it's crazy.

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