Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Performing the "Blame Game" This Thursday @ Busboys & Poets in DC

I was sooo thrilled to find an email in my inbox this morning telling me that my song I had submitted in a songwriting contest last week had been selected and I am to perform in the event detailed in the flyer above. The event is part of a 3 part concert series exploring topics of health, education and the environment. I had written a song about the health debates and political fervor going on about health care and they liked it. The irony is that I was notified the same day that Barack Obama signed the new health care reform bill into law.

I'm not sure how I feel about the new bill. While, I think in theory it is ideal to want healthcare to be accessible to everyone, what does that mean? The fact that we will be fined if we do not choose a health care plan is frightening to me. I am part of an HMO now where I receive very substandard health care already (I can blog on for days about that) and to imagine a day that will come soon where I won't have the option to drop them if I wish does not rest well with me. I think what I would have liked to see in the plan is what standards are going to be placed on doctors. We read how the insurance companies are prohibited from dropping folks for prior illness, but what standard will the doctors have? Currently, we have many doctors in the business of being the lapdogs of the pharmaceutical companies, prescribing things that people don't need or have not been properly diagnosed for. I NEVER use the prescription drugs prescribed to me. I go to the doctor for diagnosis, particularly for sprains, breaks and such but from there, I usually try to heal myself holistically. Prescription drugs have historically made me ill. Could there come a day when it is mandatory that we take prescription drugs? Those are the kinds of thoughts that lead me to not being particularly giddy about this new health care bill.

Here is the song/poem I submitted that I will perform on Thursday:

The Blame Game

I can’t sleep, I have illness in me

In this land, they say, they won’t heal, if I can’t pay

I grow cold, cause my health is getting poor

In this land, they say, they won’t heal if I can’t pay

My health, they say, is the result of how I live

And now debates around swirl me as if I am not real

I feel alone In this land I call my home

But who is to blame, when my health is now their game

I feel my breath, it’s all that I have left

In this land, they say, that soon for it I must pay

I can walk, I can hear and I can talk

In this land, they say, that soon for it I must pay

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