Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Casting More Actresses

(In photo: Me & the ladies of the theater company The Saartjie Project about a year ago performing "Deconstructing the Myth of the Booty". I was singing my song "All of Me". Since leaving the Saartjie Project, I've been pushing forward my new play "Running: AMOK")

Ok, it's almost midnight and I am still up, on a high from tonight's auditions and subsequent casting of almost all of the characters in my play, Running: AMOK.

The actresses are stupendous and I can't wait until we dig into production! Our first rehearsal will be in April. The cast has the next month to memorize their lines at least by 30% so that they will be partially off book for when we rehearse for the first time. I want them to spend some time with the script, allowing it to marinate before we dig in. We have scheduled a staged reading and an outdoors concert in the park singing the songs from the play before the play debuts in full-length in the Capital Fringe Fest come July.

I'm going to update the play's website by this Saturday with bios on the actresses and more information. Can't wait!

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