Monday, March 22, 2010

The BAM Network

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have ideas pouring out of me at every minute of the day. I dream about new ideas-- from new play ideas, to new activities to do with my daughter and the other children I work with. This year, I've been about putting my ideas into action in ways that support the causes I believe in most. Earlier this year, I took part in DC Arts Advocacy Day which was my first official foray into policy advocacy and this summer I am going to be producing my second play which specifically speaks to my platform issue of late-- equity issues regarding women and families.

My play "Running: AMOK" will debut this summer in the Capital Fringe Fest in Washington, DC and will feature some the best vocalists in the DC area who happen to be great women as well. I was particularly pleased that three of the main characters are actually mothers in real-life who also are performing artists. On the play's website, I started what I call The BAM Network which showcases women who are mothers doing great work in the arts. BAM stands for Bad Ass Mamas and is my little way of supporting women like me who are mothers first and building our passions around our life's most important work.

While the page for The BAM Network is still under construction, there are some women already featured on the page. Check it out and meet Seshat Walker-- wife to a hip-hop performer/producer who is also a brilliant producer in her own right, producing a stage play, and serving as consultant to numerous artists and special events. You will also be able to learn more about the photographer known as Jon Vee who is grandmother to 12 grandkids and is as sexy at 50 as your favorite 20-something celebrity. Also listed in the BAM Network is Valijeane Jeffers. Valijeane is part of my network on and is a writer of two novels with a third one on its way. Valijeane was featured in my anthology Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul and shares the nickname "Moon" with me. Read all about them HERE.

Do you want to be featured on the page for The BAM Network? If so, email your bio and photo at with links to your website, portfolio, etc.

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