Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy Week: Concert, Teaching & Hosting

Janelle Monae Concert

This week's Monday kicked off with an evening concert checking out one of my all-time favorite acts Janelle Monae. This lady is a diamond. She is truly an amazing entertainer. I am drawn to her use of theater in her stage performances and recordings. My sweetie bought the tickets on Friday and by Monday, had forgotten about the concert which I had to kindly remind him about. It was so funny. I had texted him to let him know my mother was going to watch our daughter so we could go out and he texted back, "oh, do you have an event tonight or something." He had forgotten the concert that quickly, lol. He wasn't eagerly anticipating the concert like I was.

I came across Janelle Monae in 2008 and have been a fan ever since. Our daughter is also on her groupie bandwagon right along with me. Check her out singing "Sincerely Jane" last year. I've sung Monae's song "Sincerely Jane" at least four times live as a cover during my own performances this past year. My spouse swore that the concert wouldn't be packed because he couldn't believe that folks knew about her like I did. When we went to the Saul Williams concert at the same venue last fall, it was pretty sparsely attended and my spouse could not believe that Janelle Monae was more well-known. But, sure enough, the line was down the street waiting to see her. Luckily we had tickets.

Having tickets though didn't stop us from having to wait. Apparantly Janelle's opening act cancelled, so, instead of coming out sooner, she waited to come out to when she would have normally come out after her opening act. We waited for two hours for her to hit the stage! That was a bit much and pissed me off very much. I wrote about it on one of the blogs I write for HERE. But, at the end of the day, the truth is is that Janelle Monae is the full package-- an awesome entertainer, gifted song-writer and someone you don't mind your child emulating.

Winds, Strings, & Percussion

Today, I visited my daughter's school and gave a music lesson to two classes there, teaching about the three groups of instruments-- Winds, Strings and Percussion. I had so much fun, and I think the kids did, too. My daughter said she had fun and gave me the thumb of approval for being a cool mom.

This Friday, Folk Music for Cancer

This Friday I will be hosting the Sounds of Hope benefit Concert at the Potter's House. If you're into folk music, hope you can make it out! Last week I hosted the Sounds of Hope benefit concert for SEW, an organization that empowers women in El Salvador to start their own businesses. Their benefit concert was amazing. They raised about $1000 from those who attended. The flyer for Friday's show is above and features Boston folk singer Ron Israel.

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