Monday, September 28, 2009

This Past Weekend I Walked for Lupus & Today, I Became a Hip Hop Artist, LOL

So, this past weekend, I walked for Lupus with my partner. There hasn't been a new medication designed for Lupus in over forty years and the disease impacts women of color on far greater scale than white women, so, supporting the cause is a no-brainer since it hits close to home, but, my partner's mom is also a survivor. We went to Baltimore for the walk and I wrote about it in my column. Read it HERE.

After the walk on Saturday, there was a deluge of rain that fell. Thankfully we avoided it during the walk, but I still had rehearsal that evening. I had to rehearse for the upcoming show on Oct. 4, a benefit for the documentary Seen But Not Heard by Cyrille Phipps. Then we have the gig on Oct. 10 @ the Green Festival.
Driving in the rain was no fun. I had a ball at rehearsal though, after getting lost to Gary's house. Gary is accompanying me on guitar for both upcoming gigs and my buddy Angela Shaw is helping with backing vocals. I had the best time with them on Saturday. We re-tooled a couple of covers and worked on an original Gary penned that is really nice. Two of my originals transformed for acoustic sound so effervescent and free as acoustic pieces. I feel like I'm renovating myself and its awesome.

In a moment of synchronicity, my partner and I went to the movies the next day and visited the book store after the movie and he wound up purchasing the "Artist's Way" for me. I have begun reading it and I can say that it truly affirms my current journey as an artist. I am sooo inspired.

On a funny note, I checked the Green Festival program today, grabbing one from the stacks they have in the building that houses the City Paper and WPFW ( I do news @ WPFW on Mondays) and I found that I'm listed as a hip hop artist. I thought that was hilarious. WTF? Maybe they thought I was Queen Latifah (who used my first name in her show Living Single). Who knows, but way funny nonetheless. Maybe we should prepare a rap just in case.

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