Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Playcation Begins in Less Than a Month!

So, I'm beginning the next phase in my Artist Life by facilitating playacations for aspiring writers. I chose the name/term PLAYCATION as opposed to workshop because the fun and educational facet of the session will resonate more than the notion that this is "work".

The key to allowing yourself be creative is attaching your spirit to that part of you that enjoys the artistry in you and finds your artistic and creative side to be fun, bold and interesting. When that is taking place, you are engaging in play all day, forget about that work stuff-- even if you are at work.

When I have 9-5 jobs, I always begin the job by assessing first thing where can I infuse my own creative spirit. It's not about changing anything that is already in motion-- its about finding the space that will allow you to breathe, literally. When you recognize you are a creative being, finding space to be creative is akin to finding space to breathe.

My playcation series for creative writers begins in October. I really hope that you sign up if you are:

-struggling with finding ways to incorporate your creativity in your 9-5
-working on a writing project or thinking of a writing project you'd like to begin and would appreciate learning ways to get started or get over the hump
-interested in learning how to self-publish and/or look for a publisher
-looking for ideas on how to manifest your Artist Life as a writer

Please contact me at LiberatedMuseProductions@gmail for a registration form.

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