Friday, September 18, 2009

October 2009 Appearances & Birthday Bliss

Today was a wonderfully busy day as I ran around handling things to make today a memorable birthday for my baby girl who turned six today. In between handling "Mommy business" I threw in a rehearsal with musician Gary Young for the upcoming shows we have in October.

First and foremost, Gary is no joke when it comes to talented artist. He has been a staple in the book tour we have for the book Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul, performing with my former bandmate, vocalist Quineice Clarkson during acoustic sets and performing with as bandleader of his own band when we take the show to our favorite spot the Potter's House. Gary plays multiple instruments and is basically self-taught with strong songwriting and charting skills. His ear is superb. Check out his work HERE.

We worked on a set list today but spent a lot of time catching up and just chatting like we used to do when we were in college together at UMBC. Even back then while he studied engineering, I remember Gary in his room strumming on his guitar while his roommate schooled me on why he couldn't stand Nirvana which was a popular band back then.

I am excited about a cover of Amel Larrieux's "Get Up" that we are going to do acoustic style and really enjoyed working on a piece Gary wrote, titled "Seeds". We have a lot more work ahead of us, but today was a great start given the short amount of time I had to rehearse before I had to hightail it to my baby girl's school for her in-school birthday party. I have a cold (fingers crossed its not pneumonia again-- had it in May) as well that has really been bothering me all week.

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Anonymous said...

Get better soon.

We've got some music to make.

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