Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankfulness Continues after Our Nation-Sanctioned & Societally Supported Shout-Day

My cutie on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was last Thursday and I'm still basking in its glow. This year was really special for me. My brother wasn't with us, but, thankfully, he wasn't overseas in the war this time. He is in North Carolina with his wife who is expecting their first child. I am so happy for them both and thrilled to know that my brother is safe. I pray each day that he is not sent overseas. My youngest sister is in Mexico, studying a semester there for her minor in Spanish.  So, she was absent as well, so, my daughter, her dad and I spent Thanksgiving with my mom, two sisters, nephew and second cousins.
My honey & my nephew as we played charades
Some of the Whole Foods lemon cake I didn't have room to eat

The easy atmosphere was new to find and it was refreshing. Though I did miss the opportunity to make a turkey this year (check out the photos from last year, remember my bird?) being with my family was so very nice.

My mother and I have been spending a lot of time together lately, more than we have in years, and it has been so rewarding. We've been providing each other support through difficult challenges that we both are going through and it has been so beautiful to have our relationship flourish. Those with rocky mom relationships know what I'm talking about. I think the space I'm in now is a good one to do my thankful list that I do annually year (check out last year's). Here goes:

1. I am thankful for my indomitable spirit. "Thank you spirit for giving the strength to keep getting up."
2. I am thankful for my flexible health. "I will continue to listen to my body as it speaks and shares its needs."
3. I am thankful for my shelter. "In this day of hardship and struggle thank you spirit for providing abundance."
4. I am thankful for imagination. "Thank you spirit for continuing to speak your stories & joy through my soul."
5. I am thankful for my family unit. "Many thanks for allowing me to see the people here for me to meet, know and grow with."

On another note, I would like to thank those who actually read this blog and would like to ask your support in coming out to at least one or two of my upcoming events in the next few months. All of them are so very diverse. From readings of my poetry, to a writing workshop to a staged reading of my play, I have some great things in store. You can visit my website calendar here for details.

Oh, and did you see this?

Well, it's my first chapbook called Revisionist Tale. Yes. Crazy how I've edited an anthology, scripted plays and authored numerous short stories but had yet to put out my own chapbook of poetry. Putting this together myself was so cathartic and enjoyable. It reminded me when I was little and used to staple two sheets of construction paper on top of a stack of white paper and make my own books and declare I was going to be a writer. I see my daughter do that now--making her art books and magazines this way and I beam with pride knowing that her dream is going to become true like mine did. This collection is a collection that represents the very dimensional shadings of my life as a mother, woman, Black person, writer, spouse, leader, daughter, sister, etc. I chose the photo you see for the cover because I think the black and white almost serene look of it is a bit misleading as is some of the life options we have at our disposals at time. My mom took that picture on a photo shoot she did with me the year before my daughter was born.

This chapbook contains poems just from the last seven or so years that have appeared in publications and performances from the last few years (and some that haven't) and a few ten sentence short stories featured in the newly released book Pen 10 Scribes, edited by Rhonda Smolarek. Selling it for $7. So, if you picked up a copy, you would be supporting independent artists! Thanks in advance in your support.

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