Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Great Time at the Mosaic Literary Conference in Bronx, NY

I facilitated a workshop on how to engage youth in "Story Quilting" in 2009 at the conference

So, as I told you earlier, this past weekend was the Mosaic Literary Conference, and I was traveling to the Bronx in NY to present for the third time. I presented in both 2008 and 2009, meeting wonderful educators who work with young people. This recent visit was, by far, my most enjoyable group so far. The diversity of the participants was amazing and this time, I actually chose to forgo a powerpoint presentation to accompany my workshop and just focused on implementing the lesson activities for the group, instead of telling them about them. My session was about using plays and dialogue in novels to spark discussion that ultimately aids young people in synthesizing information and critical thinking about themes that are in the work they are reading.
In 2008, I facilitated my first workshop for the Mosaic Literary Conference, Called Re: Verse then.

The workshop participants were composed of writers L'Oreal Snell, Lora Rene Tucker, and Luis Bernard, two teachers-- one currently teaching English and one who is a former teacher, a marketing specialist, Rochelle Hill, who works for Precision Plus Communications which does community work, and two high school students who decided to take my workshop and who I didin't realize were high school students until the end of the workshop. They gave me thumbs up on the workshop and were the most participatory out of the group, letting me know that my lessons that I shared with the group were actually engaging enough to connect youth to literature. That really made my day! To learn more about the work I do as an educator, visit my other blog site, So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA). I will be posting photos from my workshop there as well as additional links and information for folks interested in implementing some of my ideas in their classroom or after-school program. 

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