Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Question About Schooling

(In photo: Khari creating an art project at the 2009 Artomatic in DC)

The financial woes of the world are in every crevice we look now. Natural disasters like Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti does nothing to ease the pain. For those of us who haven't endured nearly half of the trauma the people of Haiti are experiencing right now, it still is a shaky time where it feels like you're walking on unstable ground.

At my daughter's school that we pay tuition for, I learned that private schools may be feeling "empty-pockets" syndrome even worse than many public schools.

When I learned that the principal of my daughter's school was coming out of pocket to buy afternoon snacks and for other school materials on a regular basis, I decided to volunteer to be a lead parent and try and garner donations for snacks from parents who could contribute. I started it off by purchasing a box of oranges. The next day, my daughter told me that one of her classmates is no longer at the school because his family can't pay tuition (I was a bit annoyed to learn that the teacher told the class that-- that is no one's business, but, alas, I digress.)

Then, I learned that some of the folks I thought were paid staff, were actually volunteers working with the kids. The school does not have a budget to pay for anymore paid teachers.

Now I'm in a fix. I home-schooled my daughter for half a year successfully last year before putting her back in school when I briefly worked with an organization in a full-time role. I was able to take her on almost daily field trips and we had a partial routine where I assessed her progress through games, quizzes and story quilts. To provide interaction with other kids, I enrolled her in gymnastics and participated in activities with other home-schooled kids.

I'm wondering if I should do that again.

The economy is such that we need to have a two parent income working at full throttle to bring home the bacon. My partner is carrying the bulk of the load as it is as he supports my work from home. If I homeschool Khari again, I will definitely not be as apt to write and do what I do now for focus on her and her schooling.

Ahhh, what to do, what to do. Any homeschooling moms with suggestions? Please post your comment and suggestions in the comment area.

As an aside...if you are still looking for ways to help the people of Haiti, click HERE to find a listing of legitimate organizations that Huffington Post compiled.

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