Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspired: Magnitude & Survival's Light

Magnitude (for Haiti)

my voice is lost within my throat
scrambling for direction
ever lost in tears as
gurgles blanket words

swimming and drowning

my voice battles death
revived slowly by growing anger
that rises like burning vomit
erupting from a sickened belly

"Where is the justice?"

it longs to call out to the heavens
but, stilll silenced, it grasps loosely
creating empty echoes that no one can hear
by Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman (c) Jan. 18, 2010
I painted the painting above, "Survival's Light" this morning, drawn to the idea of the Haitian survivors emerging from the rubble of last week's earthquake as powerful flowers of light, drawn to the light energy above the broken ground. The painted orbs depicted in the painting represent the people, survivors of the horrific tragedy, emanating with life despite death's call.
The poem was written earlier this week. I can't get over the tragedy. The news does not help with reports that the police are shooting people who are starving and searching for food. How can you call a starving person a looter. Moreso, how can you even use the term "looting" in a country with 2 million people homeless, injured and starving?
I have been so consumed with the crisis in Haiti that my daughter asked me this morning if I love the people in Haiti more than I love her. She said it is all I talk about. I have been having dreams as well about the people. The eyes of one baby pulled from the rubble--barely alive, as her parents, dead, remain buried--stay in my dreams.
I told my daughter that I will always love her more than in anything in the world, but, right now, I am trying my best to send healing energy while here and unable to physically help the people in Haiti. Not sure my answer made any sense to her.

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