Friday, January 8, 2010

Painting Izzy

So, today it snowed. Well, rather, we woke up and there was snow on the ground. And the cars. And the street. Everywhere.

There wasn't much, but enough for me to curse the fact that I hadn't winterized the car yet nor filled the gas tank (like they say you should if it gets really cold and snowy). My daughter wasn't going to school today though, so I wasn't as frantic as I would have been if I had to drive her to school. Her class was heading out today for a field trip to see ICE, and if you read my post from December, she already checked out the show when I performed there last month. So, we saved money and gave word to her teacher that she would be home today.

My creative munchkin already had in mind what she wanted to do, and boy was I impressed with her idea and ultimate finished project. Here are some shots of her creating "Izzy"


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hi. Visiting from MBC. I'm following you now. Your daughter is so cute.

Blogger said...

Thanks for visiting Kimberly! Bout to check you out now:-)

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