Thursday, January 28, 2010

Darlene (To Haiti's Last Survivor)

voices scurried through your ears faintly
growing, growing, growing louder and closer
as the weight began to loosen its clench
you had almost forget what feeling was as the
blood began to circulate again slowly into your arms,
then hands, then fingers
legs smashed, you tried to move them, operate them
as if you were pushing toward the sun on your toes,
but, alas, they were but broken reminders that you were trapped

but the voices persisted
the weight seemed to all but disappear and light
found its way into the crevice your head lay
blinking eyes warily convinced fought focus,
could this be a mirage, you questioned

and as hands grabbed your wrists, thumbs caressing solemnly the pulse
faintly beating, you knew you had been saved

I wrote this poem this morning upon learning about the teen yesterday who was rescued from the rubble in Haiti after 15 days of being buried alive. My business partner and I were texting each other about this this morning and he shared how his heart cried for her. I too had woke this morning with her on my thoughts as I also thought about the hundreds of babies who are now orphans because of the earthquake. Prior to the earthquake, children from Haiti and other countries have been prisoners of the human chattel trade in this country, being held as unpaid servants often in secret. I am praying that these children being brought to this country after the devastation are not victims of these practices.

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