Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BlogHer '10 Here I Come!

(In photo: That's me as a panelist representing Liberated Muse at the 2008 International Soul Music Summit)

I'm going to be presenting at this year's BlogHer '10 Conference in New York and I'm thrilled! I submitted a proposal on the encouragement of author Ananda Leeke, and not only was I asked to be a panelist, but the panel title will actually be the title I suggested--"Transforming Online Places into Art Spaces". Cool beans!

I got online as a blogger for the first time in 2003 when I became a Mommy to the world's most divine little girl. I created a profile on iParenting and an assortment of other websites that offered free blogging space and I blogged (seemingly day and night) about the wonders of motherhood. From the mundane "Look at my baby, she is yawning sooo cute" to the emotional "My daughter has created a new life purpose for me on this earth", my blogs outed me as a writer and an emotional and often conflicted mother. I loved it.

To fast-forward to today, I am so appreciative of the advances online that have allowed a busy mom-preneur like myself to flourish as a performance artist, creative writer, journalist and event planner.

In 2008, I came across the Ning platform and officially became an online junkie when I created my current passion, www.LiberatedMuse.com. Ning provided a user-friendly platform where I could fuel my writing cravings while inviting others into the fold to share their creative works. As synchronicity would have it, my college buddy linked with me soon after creating www.LiberatedMuse.com, and together, he and I created an arts-based events group where we create festivals, concerts, art exhibits and other progressive arts events for the Washington DC area. The online home I had already started became the base in which we promoted our events, learned of new artists by seeing their work when they joined our network, and recruited assistance in producing our events.

I feel like social media has been a delightful and very resourceful companion of mine through many of my life changes and direction routes. From my use of social media, I have unknowingly become a student all over again. From online jargon to html shortcuts, the rapid advancements of online technology have created a new learning thirst that I don't think I would have found conventionally in a classroom. What is best of all is that I've been able to share my own self-taught knowledge to other online newbies who are enticed by the idea of using online media to share, network and create change. I'm so looking forward to being part of the Blogher '10 conference!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You're a dynamo.

I'm going to admit something. At first I looked at the BlogHer website and wondered why women need their own blogging conference.

Then I remembered this past weekend. I was looking for (don't ask) Scottish podcasts hosted by women. The VAST majority of podcasts are dude-driven. It was eye opening.

So go rock their socks off. And tell them to add a PodcastHer panel or something in the mix.

Blogger said...

LOL...I heart you garyarthuryoung...I will do just that!

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