Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Time Is Here Again...

Ahh, xmas. It was nice. So nice, I have so too much to say, so I'll just show you my highlights. Wii wins for gift of the year hands down! I am so sore already from Wii overload!

(In photo: Even our dog Bella was feeling the holiday mood)
(In photo: We have all of the best Wii games, rock band being the family favorite. I, of course, was on vocals)
(In photo: Little mama getting her dance on on this Wii game. I admit that I whipped her. She can't touch her big mama!)
(In photo: I can begin to live my dreams of painting masterpieces! I have to call on some advice from my Liberated Muse family. Thanks to my sweetie for this wonderful gift. He listens to my dreams. I love him.)
(In photo: Best shot of the day. Was not staged. My nephew opening my gift to him. I bought him a couple of Transformers. He made me feel like I was giving him a million bucks! I love him and am so glad I got to spend time with him this holiday.)

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