Sunday, December 20, 2009

Show in the Snow, and Boy Was There Snow!

So Friday's show was sooo much fun! It was the 7th Anniversary of the Sounds of Hope series at the Potter's House in DC. I had a ball. The Potter's House has been a sacred space for me as producer of Liberated Muse events which have taken place there numerous times this year. During the Sounds of Hope series, Liberated Muse raised money for students from the DC College Success Foundation, the Saartjie Project and Southeast Ministry. Our first art exhibit also was housed by the Potter's House from Sept. 11 to Dec. 1. The Potter's House has been our biggest partner this year. I was honored to be asked to come perform for the anniversary celebration which was also celebrating the holidays. My friends Gary Young and Angie Shaw were my band of friends who performed with me-- Gary on strings and Angie on backing vocals.

I was on the bill with Tom Goss (below) who I think is amazing and I actually won the raffle and got his CD...what a great belated birthday gift! Tom is an acoustic guitarist/singer and an activist for gay rights. He is a very talented musician whose music reminds me of the Dave Matthews Band. Was honored to be on the bill with him...

My daughter (above) had a ball at the show. She especially loved being part of the show when drummers Kristen Arant and Kweku Orusu perfomed (below). Kristen is founder of the DC-based group the Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Program. She met Kweku who is a Ghanian drummer who is visiting the states. They met and decided to collaborate where Kristen will be traveling to Ghana next month to work with his students, in his effort to attract more girls to his program. They were amazing! See a vid of them HERE.
I had to take a photo with them (below). In the photo with us is George, Kweku's student who performed with Kristen and Kweku with Kristen's student Maugerita. Kristen was wonderful and accompanied me and my band of friends on my song "Kwanzaa Time is Here". It rocked!

Soooo...during my set, which closed the show, it started to snow. Really hard and quick. Driving home was crazy slippery and dangerous. By morning, there had to be at least three feet of snow. We are not snow people, us DC metro area people. We were not ready for this. All day Saturday, the streets were practically deserted. My spouse and I decided that we, the family, would walk to the nearby 7-11 to get some staples and to take a look at how the neighborhood was looking. In the photo below, my daughter can be seen attempting to walk. The snow was so high, she could barely wade through it, it came to her thigh.

This shot of the eskimo above is me right as they got me in the face with a snowball. Snowball fights in DC were not the safest things to do in DC. Check out this video of a cop pulling a gun out during a snowball fight in the city. Craaazy...

What did you get into during the snow? Leave a comment and share. Before I leave, check out this clip from Friday.

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