Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Date Night & Chili Night All-In-One

(In photo: The singer Goapele looked every part of the glam songstress, with killer green stillettos to boot--pun intended. I wish the sound was better so I could know what lyrics she was singing. I like singing along at concerts. I took this photo despite being shoved from all sides from folks smushed inside the tiny venue. Can we say fire code violation?)

So, this past weekend, I had a ball. The holiday season has been fantastic and what a better way to top off a holiday weekend than a concert with an indie artist? I had bought tix online to see Goapele for my partner and I wasn't able to print them out immediately because my printer is temperamental and prints when she feels like it. Typically, when I need things printed and my printer acts up, I ask my partner to print something (if its small) from his job and just bring it home, but, I couldn't very well do that because the tix were part of his Christmas gifts. So, I basically forgot about them until the day after Christmas. Which was the day before the concert. I know. I'm a mess.

So, the day of the concert, we decided to get there about an hour early so we can order food at the venue and get in early to grab a seat. That wasn't happening. I wrote about it all HERE.
All in all, we had fun though. We broke out of the concert early and headed to Ben's Chili Bowl where we enjoyed some wonderfully greasy chili dogs and an orange beverage that tasted like Tang (he hated it). Do they still make Tang?

(In photo: Goapele is one cool lady. You could feel the positive energy as she stepped on stage. We left early, not because of her, but because it was so tight up in there that folks would be on each other's backs if it got any closer.)

(In photo: Me and my other half. We escaped out while the little one was kicking it with the grandfolks. My business partner took this shot prior to the venue filling up to the max.)

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