Friday, December 11, 2009

My List of 36

So, today's my birthday! I am thrilled to have another year behind me that I can honestly say that I am quite pleased and proud of. Here's to my new year ahead!

I had people ask me what do I plan to do on my birthday, what am I looking to get this year. And, of course, I gave the same answer I give every year-- I'm gonna party every day of the week leading up to my birthday.

I laugh as I write this.

I just turned 36. True partying for me--- which entails actually leaving the house-- ended about 7 years ago. Nowadays, I usually leave the house for professional appointments-- gigs, meetings, doctor visits, to shop or for all things Khari (my little girl). Her dad and I consider taking naps our own personal form of date night, so, yeah, going out, even on my birthday is something that may not happen in real life. But, its so fun to pretend.

I actually went out for a few hours this past Wednesday to hook up with some friends for drinks at this spot where older folks (50+) hang. Getting myself together to actually leave the house was an ordeal. My daughter doesn't react well to me going out because its so infrequent and she is so used to going practically everywhere with me. So, on Wed, at least a half hour was spent consoling her that going out did not mean that I was leaving the family. I had invited two friends of mine with kids to meet us out and they didn't even make it past the door, so at least I made it out of the house. I had a ball and am pretty content if that is as good is it gets with partying on my birthday.

List of 36

I am so grateful for any type of gift I get, especially on my birthday. My darling spouse and daughter got me a warm fleece set for my morning walk/runs that they gave me this morning and I was thrilled. It is probably the few pieces of name-brand stuff I own in my closet-- I don't understand the difference between Northface and whatever they call the stuff Target sells. Target is my shopping paradise.

Though I am grateful for any and every gift I get, here is a list I put some careful reflection in of 36 things I would gladly accept as a birthday gift if anyone was trying to give it to me.

36. A all paid trip to any Carribean island of my choice with unlimited beach-sized banana frozen drinks

35. A ticket to be one of those gazillion-aires who get to take a trip to outer space

34. How about a gazillion dollars?

33. The opportunity to chat with Cornel West. He is so smart and animated and makes me smile whenever I hear him. I especially loves how he uses those big words and I know what they mean!

32. Get my all-time favorite girl group Zhane back together. Then (31.) give me a ticket to their concert.

30. Pro Tools lessons

29. An unlimited gift certificate to Target

28. A pill that obliterates fat without having side effects that are usually worse than being fat

27. The instant love of exercise. I am sooo thrilled that I can now use my name and jogging in the same sentence, but the love is not there yet.

26. A building I can transform into an arts hub and (25.) produce all of my theater shows in

24. A mentor who can help me on how to relax, relate and release while creating

23. More contracts

22. Someone who can blog for me while I dictate to them over the phone what I want them to write and what pictures to post (I know, that's just lazy...but, I'm saying...)

21. A remote control that can control the tv, clean the house, cook dinner and drive my daughter to school...

20. A date with Stevie Wonder and Maxwell at the same time in a piano bar where they take turns serenading me and singing my Kwanzaa song with me

19. A personal stylist who shows up each morning to dress me and decorate my face with the top of the line MAC products

18. World Peace that doesn't come with a price tag of people's lives and the hope that (17.) there would no longer be the need for a military but, instead, an army of smart people who do things to come up with ways for the world to be happier, non-polluted and healthier

17. Hugs unlimited.

16. Real race talk in this country by Barack Obama. Healing can not begin until this country addresses its issues with race.

15. A law passed that says that the "media" is no longer allowed to report on people's infidelities, personal addictions or dress history

14. School choice. I want Montessori for my daughter but can't afford it. Didn't get the lottery in my county. So, my taxes pay for the other parents' kids to enjoy Montessori. I pay tuition for a school that doesn't even know what Montessori is.

13. Hover cars. Back to the Future really teased me with this concept. Can engineers hurry up already and make them available for public consumption? I want mine now!

12. A robot driver. Until my hover car is available for my use, I would be more than willing to have a robot driver. I love the idea of robots and not having to drive myself.

11. Paid utilities. Ok, Obama, the whole tax credit was lovely. Cash for clunkers, beautiful. How about something to get rid of having to pay for utilities? These electricity folks have lost their mind.

10. Legislation for working moms & dads to be able to be available for all of the milestones in their kids' lives without being penalized by their employers

9. Mandatory recess. Taking away recess from our kids is helping to create soon-to-be-adults who will have no idea how to decompress.

8. A new printer and a printer pass that would allow me to get a new printer whenever my current one has a nervous breakdown (as you can tell, this is my issue now)

7. A kinder gravitational pull

6. A society that reveres gentleness

5. Unlimited back massage coupons

4. Guaranteed health for all my loved ones

3. Paid art school for my baby girl

2. Universal Love

1. Continued crazy, fun times with my wonderful family

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