Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Religion

I was cleaning off my desk which is in my office which is the library/family room/land of forgotten things and came across this fortune from a fortune cookie that I got earlier this year. It's kinda crazy how some things just appear arbitrarily to affirm the path you're on. I was appreciative of this moment of synchronicity that I took a photo of it so I could look at it when I pleased and in the event I lost the original fortune (I'm a pack rat, so I put it "up" somewhere to be retrieved by accident again).

Yes, I have a deep interest in all that is artistic. I don't explain why to people most times but I am not too shy to admit that art is my religion. The act of creating art, in my opinion, is a sacred act and is something incredible to behold. I believe that all people created are creators but only seldom do folks feel empowered to display and engage in that which is god-given. I think those of us with that deep interest in the arts are here to encourage and inspire those who are not in flight yet but need support in wearing their wings.

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve btw, and I'm as excited as a six year-old-- my six year-old to be specific, who needs to be tucked in. Until well. Thanks for reading:-)

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