Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poem For the Day #3

it's Tuesday and sometimes eyes unrested forget to really see
the sun shines. For, everything seems really dark
in this place.
Right now, bills pile up to greet you, unopened envelopes
that might as well be see thru,
threatening menaces that jedi-mind trick you into believing
that this is you--
this depressed, broke, debt-owing, non-smiling tired person
that got only two dollars for the week.
Don't even sweat it.
You just need sleep.
Let your mind wrap around some solutions.
Let your spirit unload this heavy coat of overwhelming shame.
Let sleep remind you of your purpose
and try to remember why you're here, why you came.
So, when Tuesday disappears and brings back Wednesday,
you'll be clean. Washed anew.
And, you'll look up, and they'll be the sun
shining brightly

waiting for you


Menda said...

I Like This Poem!!
The message is Incrediable!
and, I like the way it rhymes!!!

Very good, I like poetry from people who see the world (and the sunshine) like I do!!!

Moon said...

Thank you, Menda!

This was an affirmation to myself that I had to share. Times are hard but hope always saves. Was interviewing a visual artist yesterday who even gave me further clarity in understanding that hope and faith is what breathes life into art.

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