Monday, January 31, 2011

New Baby, Squirrel Take-Over & Best Week Ever on Twitter

So, last week was major. Good things happened, really good things happened, that gave me faith in humanity. Yes, times are so hard that it's come to that-- finding the good to counteract the negativity. I don't know about you, but sometimes there is stress in just sitting at my desk and getting online, for the first thing to pop up most days is dreadful news. Last week, the news of the week that started earlier in the month was the case of Ohio mom Kelly Williams-Bolar. Click here to get the run-down of the situation. 

Kelly Williams-Bolar

So, after reading about Williams-Bolar, I felt defeated. Defeat was the sentiment because I certainly would have done the same thing if most of my relatives weren't more broke than me and lived in an even worse (or the same) school district as I do. The fact that she was actually living with her dad made the ruling against her worse.

What has been interesting to read are comments that people have made indicating that she didn't really live with her dad because she still had another apartment, acting as if her testimony that she was burglarized and was staying at his place more after the burglary was unrealistic. From personal experience of being burglarized, I know totally that you often don't want to return to the home that you were burglarized in ever because your sense of safety has been violated. But, that's neither here nor there. Folks have gotten caught up in the technicalities because she didn't get rid of her place. Apparently, a poor woman is supposed to only have one domicile. The level at which they went at her though was, to me, more criminal then anything she did. You spend more in investigating and prosecuting someone then the supposed money she "stole" by sending her kids to your school district and that is justified? You're telling us that criminalizing a woman who has jumped through hoops to show she has not only lived in the area, but is coming to your area after being a victim of trauma (WHILE caring for her elderly parent who lives in your district ) is justified? I don't think so.

So, I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon immediately in spreading word about the case and urging people to sign the petition to throw out her charges and release her from jail. I spent practically all day on Tuesday spreading the word. And, her one day early release was definitely a victory. The thing that made this a good part of the week was how it showed social media being used to promote change. My hope is that her story is not forgotten this week and the conversation around school districting and choice doesn't get dropped by the wayside.

Elena Arrives

On Saturday, my baby neice Elena was born! My baby brother who is actually not such a baby-- he is in his late 20's-- became a daddy when his wife gave birth to their 7 pound little girl. I was overcome with love when I saw her picture, she is incredibly beautiful-- not at all new-baby-ugly that most kids are when born. Of course, my little niece's birth got me thinking about the possibility of me having any more little ones in the near future-- thoughts that were immediately erased when my 7 year-old texted me from the living room asking me when I was going to come out of my office and feed the family.

Lions, tigers and squirrels, oh my!

So, there lives this horrid little squirrel or squirrels in our rafters and wall. They are the worst pests ever. They are worst then the loudest neighbor you've ever had in an apartment. They are loud, they scratch and bang and they thump as if they weigh more than four or seven little pounds.

As I type this, I sure hope that they are squirrels and not something else. Yikes!

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