Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year to Wing Out On Faith

Big things are planned for 2011. Am I planning big things for 2011? Now, that is the question.

I typically make end-of-the-year lists that detail what my highlights from the year were and reflecting on what worked and what didn't, but, admittedly, other than vague goals of what I want to have in the coming year, I don't typically do as much comprehensive pre-planning before the year starts. Yet, thankfully, most times, big things-- good, big things, usually tend to happen.

I attribute it all to my perfect awareness of synchronicity. Everything happens for a reason. You just have to pay attention to what that reason may be.

For instance, this past year, I became a writer for, one of my more popular gigs as a writer since I started writing online in 2006. Writing for SoulBounce was totally random. I mean, I heard about the writing opportunity one week in January, applied and was hired the next week. I didn't pre-plan it, but it worked out. The synchronicity of it was that my writing sample was a review I had written about a concert I had attended the month before, in Dec. 2009. So, if I hadn't attended the concert in Dec., written the review for my Liberated Muse blog and had that available for submission for the SoulBounce position as contributing editor, then I probably wouldn't have spent this past year as a part of that site's staff. That's just one example.

Another is the genesis of my play's production. My play Running: AMOK debuting in the Capital Fringe Fest in 2010 was a major act of synchronicity. I wrote the play. I applied for the Fringe Fest (not knowing about all of the associated costs, but knowing I had a great time performing in the Fest in 2009) and got accepted. I had none of the 600+ bucks necessary to confirm my participation. I didn't freak, but I was sure that I probably wasn't going to be in the Fringe Fest in 2010. Money was becoming quite tight. So, early in 2010, having dinner with my musician friend Gary Young, upon having a conversation where Gary stated that he wanted to become a patron to some of his artist friends who are doing art projects, I asked him how would he like to be a producer of my play and help compose music to the songs I've written, and well, as they say, the rest is history. Synchronicity at its finest.

So, with that said, I'm not too sure if starting to write fully-fleshed out plans is in my best interest. Some of my finest moments were by "accident", including the conception of my one and only child. I know, TMI, but I'm just trying to illustrate my point. Trusting that it'll be ok has worked out for me so far, why switch up now?

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