Monday, January 17, 2011

Writing Excerpt-- First Sci-Fi, SuperNatural Piece

NOTE: I have no idea if this is a short story in the making or a novel...the characters just decided to appear last we'll see. Feedback welcome!

The acrid smell burned her nostrils for only a mere moment before she tasted the sour after-taste of her lunch churn from her belly to her throat. Anell stood up and fled towards the bathroom, accidentally knocking her pencil to the floor and blindly stomping on and stumbling over the shoes of the students whose feet blocked her pathway to the door.  She made it into the hallway before her teacher Mr. Carson even noticed the door had opened. Her vomit splashed onto the floor outside of the bathroom seconds later, abruptly halting her sprint to an empty stall. As chunks of orange chicken and rice floated sadly over a puddle of clear throw-up, 

Anell began to cough uncontrollably, feeling the urge to continue vomiting overtake her body. The school’s janitor, Picard, ran towards her, a white towel slung over his shoulder as if he was coming from a mid-day treadmill work-out.

“Now, now, nothing to see here,” he yelled, swatting at the slowly formed group of students who had paused for a moment to stare in awe at Anell and her puddle of vomit. Ninth-grader Mick Price held his cell phone’s video camera up to record Anell’s couging spasm and the pool of partially digested food before Picard blocked his line of vision.

“Go,” Picard pointed. Mick and the rest of the students reluctantly dispersed.

“I bet you my brother won’t be kissing her anymore after he finds out she just yacked all over the hallway. 
"Gross,” Brandon Scott laughed to his best friend, Carl. The two boys darted to the cafeteria, avoiding Picard’s disproving glance.

“I can’t believe I just did this,” Anell whispered, pulling a tissue out of her pocket and wiping her mouth.  The coughing spell dissipated and the urge to throw up disappeared as quickly as it had emerged.

“Go back to class, young lady, I’ll clean this here up,” Picard said. He looked at Anell’s tear-streaked face and paused. Bending close, he gently touched her arm.

“How about you go to the nurse’s office and lie down. I’ll let your teacher know where you’ve gone. You’re in Carson’s biology class, right?”

Anell nodded and tried to give him a smile of appreciation.  She pulled her braids off of her face and wrapped them into a bun at the nape of her neck. She watched him walk to the janitor closet and pull a device out that she assumed he would use to clean up the mess she had made. She turned and walked five doors down to where Nurse Thorn’s small infirmary was. She didn’t even have to look up to find the door’s sign signifying where it was, for, she could find it blindfolded. This was the third time this week that she had to go to the infirmary and lie down after suddenly becoming ill.

Nurse Thorn was on her computer when Anell walked in. She looked up when she heard the door open and her face instantly crumpled in annoyance.

“Anell, not again,” she whined. “Didn’t I ask you to stay home for the rest of the week and go see your doctor? You’ve been throwing up, passing out and falling asleep in class all week. Why on earth are you here today?”

Anell looked at her shoes to avoid looking at Nurse Thorn’s wrinkled brow. Heavily exhaling for dramatic effect, Thorn pushed her bulky body to her feet and walked from around her desk to where Anell stood. She pulled on a pair of disposable latex gloves unnecessarily before placing her hand on Anell’s forehead.

“You don’t feel warm to me,” Thorn said, moving to reach for her thermometer. Anell quickly stepped aside and turned her head to block the metal instrument from being shoved in her mouth.

“I don’t have a fever,” said Anell. “I just want to lie down. My stomach is upset again.”

“Well, this isn’t a flophouse,” Thorn spat, tossing the thermometer back into the cup of other medical knick-knacks.  Folding her arms, she looked at Anell curiously before walking back to her desk chair.

“You’re pregnant, aren’t you,” she said without really asking. She chuckled low as she clicked on her computer’s mouse, eyes already quickly fastened on the computer screen. “There are condoms in that basket by the door. You should grab some.”

“I don’t have sex, so I can’t be pregnant,” Anell said, annoyed. Besides, she thought, if I were pregnant, wouldn’t it be too late for condoms? 

She walked into the adjoining room where four small cots lay white and empty in a dimly lit room. She walked to the one in the back on the left and sat down, unfastening her shoes and taking off her sweater. She lay down on her side and covered her shoulders with her sweater before closing her eyes. Sleep immediately snatched her into the same dream she had been having all week.

“Nella, you are back,” Sienna squealed, standing over Anell’s face, close enough to kiss her.

Anell opened her eyes quickly and, knocking into Sienna slightly, she shot up out of the bed she was lying in. She looked around frantically at the familiar wall paper, windows and furniture that she had known since she was five years-old. She looked down at her clothes and recognized the purple pajamas she used to wear when she was ten years-old. She turned to her sister in shock and confusion.

“Sienna, what is happening, where am I?”

“Nella, you are back. You have come back to me,” Sienna said. She smiled lovingly at her older sister and grabbed her roughly into a tight embrace. Her small arms circling Anell’s waist as she pressed her face into Anell’s midsection.  Anell peeled her arms from around her waist and knelt in front of her.

“Sienna, I have to go back. I can’t stay here with you. As much as I love you, as much as I love Mom and the baby, I can’t stay here with you, I have to go back home.”

Sienna’s small brown face shone brightly at Anell, unaffected. She grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her towards the bedroom door. Passing the mirror, Anell caught a glimpse of herself in the ill-fitting pajamas. Her 16 year-old body in the night clothes suited for a smaller child looked ridiculous.  Anell pulled her hand out of Sienna’s grasp and stood still, arms folded.

“Sienna, where are my clothes?”

The young child fell silent. Her brown eyes avoided Anell’s stare and she pouted a bit, picking up her teddy bear from the night table. She walked out of the room without answering.

Anell watched her leave and then turned back to glance in the mirror. In the mirror she was once again dressed in the school uniform she had put on that morning when she had gotten dressed in the apartment she lived in with her aunt and uncle. Her hair was in the bun she had wrapped her braids into after she vomited on the floor. Now that that was taken care of, she was ready to follow Sienna and go downstairs. She was prepared to see her mother and baby brother again, and this time, she wasn’t going to be afraid.


Sumayyah said...

I'm intrigued! You've got the start of something good here.

Moon said...

Thanks Sumayyah for reading! You write a lot of sci-fi & supernatural work, how does your work develop from its initial genesis?

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