Monday, December 27, 2010

Spirits of Christmas

the MJ glove that comes with the Michael Jackson Experience Wii game

A remarkable thing happened. I managed to have an incredible Christmas holiday with my sister, daughter and her dad despite the craziness going on in our world right now. To even begin with the craziness, I would have to start with before Christmas.

On Thursday, may great-aunt died. My mother got the news in the  harshest way possible-- via voicemail in a message that said "Kaye, I'm calling to tell you your Auntie is dead."

No lie.

While the news was shared in such a harsh manner, the details of her death-- finding out she had cancer and no one in the family had shared that with us prior to her passing, was even worse. Finding the meaning in it all has been my challenge ever since.

But the Christmas spirit was not to be thwarted on our house. My spouse has the Christmas spirit all up, through and around him. He is Christmas spirit incarnate. While typically laid-back and unassuming, my partner becomes an entirely different person around Christmas time. I imagine him to have the spirit that the legend of Santa Claus is based on, where generosity and kindness just abound in large doses. He decorates our house each year and basically takes the helm with gift purchasing, wrapping and distribution. He finds the best soulful Christmas music and turns our home each year into a virtual Christmas wonderland of coziness. Without his energy this season, I don't know what I would do, because this time of year always drains me.

Our Christmas was delightful. While gift-giving was at a minimum this year, we still shared gifts that we thought the other needed and would love. On top of that, I was able to spend time with my second youngest sister on Christmas, just she and I, for dinner, as she stayed home as she recovered from illness. I was truly blessed on Christmas.

Today, the day after Christmas, was perfect, also. I can say this honestly, even though it decided to snow and I dislike snow greatly. But, waking up about thirty minutes ago to learn that one of my all-time favorite singers, Teena Marie, had just passed in her sleep was devastating to learn.

I am going to post something later about her. Right now, I'm just reeling. So much is going on.

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