Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend Highlights & What's UpThis Week

My sweetie took me to see FELA the musical in New York on my birthday this past Saturday and I had a ball. The play was simply amazing. As a playwright, my dream, of course, is to have at least one of my plays make it to Broadway in my lifetime, but even if FELA wasn't on Broadway, it would be a play to see. Good lord this play was phenomenal. The actor Kevin Mambo is worthy of a gazillion awards for his portrayal of Fela Kuti. I've watched documentaries and old footage of Fela performing and speaking and Mambo had it down pat. Phenomenal actor. Fela Kuti was such a character that his life amazes me on so many levels. Here you have a polygamist who said at one point that having more than one wife made sense because if you're married, you're going to sleep around, so you might as well just bring all the women in the house! He said that. And, he married 27 women. But, then, he created Afrobeat and was such a strong leader, almost fearless, you can't just think one way about him. He was an incredible figure and so worthy of a play in his honor.

We took the bus to see the play and the rain didn't come during the day as was forecasted, so we stayed dry and was able to enjoy a bit of NY before heading back home. Didn't take my 7 year-old, and she was amazingly well-behaved regarding the fact that she wasn't coming with us to her favorite city. My baby is growing up! She actually called me from her grandparents house to wish me happy birthday and told me to have a good time in New York. You don't understand how major that is. (This kid is a NYC groupie).

Before we caught the bus, we stopped at 7-eleven to get some bottled juice and picked up some chicken wings. Yes, we were in line for Fela eating chicken wings. (And, they were damn good, too).

Show This Week

This Friday I will be at Hillyer Art Space as part of the HOME series, hosted by DC poet Fred Joiner. I'm excited! Will be reading and performing a mix of my written work and there is an open mic that follows. Hope you can make it! Visit my website at for details.

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