Sunday, December 19, 2010

Preparing for the Myth of Giving

This Christmas is probably my hardest financially since I became a Mommy. My pockets are very empty and I haven't bought even one gift yet. May buy some for my daughter next week, but they will be things like clothes (her belly is starting to look like Winnie the Pooh's in her uniforms and weekend clothes as she gets taller and the clothes get smaller) and art supplies for her to draw. She sneaks into my office and nabs my printer paper and I have no idea how to discourage that without sqeulching her love to draw. We've bought easels, given her notebooks and drawing journals, but she always takes my dang printer paper. So, that just might be what winds up in her stocking this year. We'll see. I want, most of all, to take her on a community service activity or something the day of Christmas or day before. I've wanted to do that every year since she turned 3, but something always came up that I did instead. I regret that a lot, because I think it's denied her the opportunity to grow with a sense of empathy for those who aren't as well off as she is. You can't teach empathy. Not in a conventional sense at least. Empathy is born from giving and service.

We've done good with immersing her into the arts, honing her cultural side. I can say that, at least. I took her with me on Friday to perform at the Hillyer Art Space and I am really glad I did. Since she is a visual artist and the reading took place in a gallery, there was visual art everywhere. The owner of the gallery was so taken with the fact that she was there (she is often the only child at the events I perform at), that he took us on a tour of the Hillyer building, viewing art donated by the man who owned Hechinger Mall. All the art depicted tools or contained a tool in its make-up (i.e. one sculpture was made of paintbrushes that were painted and decorated).

Here are some of the pictures we got. Or, rather, I got. She was supposed to take photos of me performing, but, instead, she was taking self-portraits of herself and videotaping the wall.

My self-portrait taken while in the bathroom. The only one of me taken that night. (sigh)

Self-portrait by Khari. I call it "Mommy's poems were boring the hell outta me"

Fred Joiner, the host of Hillyer Art Space's HOME series. He is awesome.

Khari gets the tour of Hillyer as well as a gift of an art book. She slept with it that night.

Second Khari self-portrait.I call it "Mommy thought I was going to take a picture of her, but, I can't see her from my seat and she told me to stay seated. So..."

Totally awesome sculpture made of paper mache


Dat Salacious Vixen said...

I've always thought it wonderful that you expose Khari to the Arts and its various incarnations. She will undoubtedly be better for it. Khari is such a bright child and I'm sure with a mommy like you, we will see her work in an art gallery, her performing on a stage or at least creating, directing and/or producing behind the scenes! Sky's the limit for you both!

Moon said...

Aw Stee, thanks for that comment. And, thanks for reading! Congrats on the new digs, too, mama!

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