Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Be Damned, The Show Must Go On

So, yesterday, it snowed. I absolutely dislike everything about snow. It's cold. It's get dirty quickly. It can turn to dangerous ice. It covers up stuff. It signifies that Fall is over. And, I love Fall. Snow sucks. Yes, I am poking my lip out like a petulant child as I write this.

I tweeted yesterday my disdain for snow and how I don't understand it's purpose and one of my Twitter friends informed my ignorant self that snow helps the earth rejuvenate itself. Well, my thing is why is it necessary, I mean, places like Southern Cali and Florida seem to do alright without that type of rejuvenation. I guess I could move though, really if I hate it that much. I guess I'm just lazy.

But snow still sucks.

So, schools were released early and since I am the family chauffeur and pick up my spouse from work, I begged him to come home early on Metro so I wouldn't have to drive far to get him. He nicely agreed though I know he was annoyed. He doesn't get my fear of driving in snow. All I can say is is that I hit a parked car in a snow storm once, as I was parking the car, determined to not drive and instead walk to my destination.
As I was paralleling parking, BOOM, my car slid into the car in front of me. I had been driving for a week legally when this happened. I haven't been right since.

Inclement weather makes me nervous when driving. After my daughter came home on her bus yesterday--which got stuck on a hill in the snow-- she and I got in the car to get her dad and the roads were awful. Folks were literally driving  5 miles an hour. I was good until I neared the station to pick him up. The car swerved and slid on slush and ice and my stomach dropped. Thankfully, no one was beside me on the road or an accident would have happened. When I picked him up, I told him that we were staying in the rest of the week. He just laughed and patted my arm like you do to people who are slightly off.

So, today, I was pleased to notice that most of the snow had melted. I had taken a picture yesterday of the snow on the fence dividing our yard from our neighbor's and realized that while I can't stand snow, it does make some things look better. The fence, which is in tatters, actually looked rustic or something like that with the snow on it. I posted the photo on Fox 5's Facebook just as something to do (they were telling folks to share winter photos of the snow) and they aired my photo this morning on the tv broadcast. The anchor Guivir Dhindsa jacked my name up, but that didn't stop people from emailing me about how they saw my photo on the news.  Here it is. Not much to it, but *shrugs* eh. I'm just happy the snow covered up the leaves we were too lazy to rake up. Now we have to find out who owns that fence so whoever owns it can replace it once the snow melts.
So, I type this as my spouse and daughter have taken the car to do some last-minute Christmas shopping at a mall in Virginia that I think is entirely too far to be driving to in this weather. So, they left my scaredy -pants butt home. No problem. I have to do some last minute touch-ups to my poem I wrote yesterday that I'm including in my reading tonight at Hillyer Art Space. Hope you can make it if you're in the area! Here's the flyer:
And yes, I will be there even if it snows. I'll get a ride if I have to. Snow be damned:-)

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