Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pen 10 Scribes Submissions Sent Off, Planning to Head to Chicago

I sent off this morning my last batch of stories for the upcoming anthology Pen Ten, to be edited by Rhonda M. Smolarek also known as Olive Rosehips. The anthology will feature stories written in ten lines/sentences are less. Here is one of my stories:

Benson’s Release
“Ok, have a good day-- love you,” Benson pecked Glynda on her cheek and then jumped out of the car in front of the construction site he worked as an engineer. He stood on the curb and watched as his wife drove away in the family’s dusty mini van before pulling out his cell phone; he dialed Vincent’s number by heart.

“Where are you,” he asked, his voice husky with intensity. It had been three weeks since he had been with Vincent and he wanted to see him--the last few weeks had been spent convincing his wife that his interest had not roamed, but, now, he was getting antsy and needed some release; Vincent  provided his outlet of choice.

Chiseled, handsome and cavalier, Vincent, an art teacher, had entered Benson’s life at the very moment that Benson was contemplating how far he had gotten himself wrapped up into a life that was more of what his parents wanted and less of what he wanted or needed. While he was grateful for his two children and the friendship and loved he had found with Glynda, his marriage had never cured him of what he knew about himself since he was a teenager. Benson turned the corner behind his job and walked toward the coffee shop where Vincent would meet him, the spot where they met. Scanning the faces, his eyes rested on Vincent who was engaged in conversation with a woman who was holding a painting canvass. Walking to the table where they sat, he greeted Vincent and Sarah and pulled from the tube he held a scrolled drawing that he had worked on last night. 

“That is beautiful;  we’ve missed you in art class, hope this means you’ll be there tonight,” Sarah said, with Vincent nodding in agreement, tracing with her fingertip the pencil etching of Benson’s wife, drawn with delicate clarity.

I was drawn to this anthology's call for submissions because I have an interest in writing small works that tell a story in a way that a lot is told without saying much. I love vignettes and enjoyed writing them when I was with the Saartjie Project and watching them in movies like A Good Day to be Black and Sexy and Nine Lives. I'll keep you posted on when the anthology comes out!

Right now, I'm buying my plane ticket to Chicago for the 13th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention taking place on Oct 16-17. I'm going to support my boy Turtel Onli who is a member of Liberated Muse's online family and who was featured in the book I edited-->Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul. Turtel is an amazing artist-- so talented, he draws, paints, designs clothes, teaches art and works with youth. I can't wait to head to Chicago. It'll be my first time there. What should I make sure I check out when I get there?

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