Friday, September 17, 2010

The 7-year Milestone as Mama & other tales

Khari's birthday last year when she turned 6

This week was a countdown to my daughter's birthday which is tomorrow. So, appropriately, it was a week filled with tons of emotions, experiences and celebration. My daughter turns 7 years-old tomorrow, and that means that I have reached the 7 year-old point as mama. Boy, how time flies.

No More Ninny but Time for Boyfriends-- ALREADY!

So, last week, I got an email fro my daughter's teacher telling me that my daughter Khari had been spoken to for writing notes in class. Upon reading the notes, the teacher wanted me to know that my daughter was talking about being so happy about her new boyfriend. Yes, my 6 year-old was giddy over getting a boyfriend.

I got the email while she was riding the bus home. When she got home, I greeted her at the door asking her how her day was. She was vague as usual (6 year-olds give the worst recaps if you're looking for sequential order and descriptive terms upfront. Info comes in spurts and with holes often). So, I offered, "So, anything new happen today." She looked at me, on to me that I knew something. But, she shrugged and said, "Nah."

"Well, your teacher emailed me. I think you have something to tell me." And, then it came out.

He is the brother of her classmate Paul.
He came up behind her, grabbed her hand and asked her will she be his girlfriend.
She said yes immediately.
She doesn't know his name.

When I asked was knowing his name important, she said, "No, not really." I asked how would she call out to him and she said she doesn't really see him much, so it shouldn't matter. Uh, ok?

As she changed out of her uniform, I called her dad. When he got home, both he and I asked her about her boyfriend and how was that different then having a friend that was a boy. She said she would think about that one. The next day, she said decided that she isn't old enough to have a boyfriend, so they broke up. She still doesn't know his name. (*fingers crossed we don't have to cross this bridge again anytime soon*)

Writing Workshop-- A Space Where I Grew As a Person

My first workshop for the day at Southeast Ministry
I facilitated two writing workshops on Wed that were my most affirming yet. They affirmed that this work is my passion. The writers in the workshop were GED students that ranged in age from 18-60. They enthusiastically participated, drinking in the words of the poets from the book Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul that I used as the workshop's text. They then participated in lively discussion analyzing the poems and asking questions as they constructed their own poems. The stories in their poems were bold and honest. Some tentatively stepped outside their comfort zone while sharing, while some leaped out, unafraid and eager to connect us to their words. While some wrote about living with parents who berate them for not living to their full potential, others shared their battle with chemical dependence and ultimate triumph. One writer told how he battles with being open-minded and loving as he admitted to being controlling in the past of those around him. Their words were healing for them. Their courage in sharing and stepping out as writers for the first time inspired me. Many of them shared their poetry with me, allowing me to post some of it on my website. I'll be posting it soon.

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Anonymous said...

Ha. Oh goodness. All I have to say is this:

Mama used to say
Take your time young (wo)man
Mama used to say
Don't you rush to get old
Mama used to say
Take it in your stride
Mama used to say
Live your life
Live your lfie

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