Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Focusing on the Art of the Matter

So, I closed down my Ning art community LiberatedMuse and maintain just the Facebook, Twitter and Blogger sites for Liberated Muse. The Ning network was started in 2008 with the intent for folks to network, post in forums, blogs, etc. and create relationships on-line. What was happening, and its a good thing, was that folks were coming to the events and networking and linking up, but not so visibly online. So, to save myself work (and money) I decided to just focus on the events, getting the word out about opportunities and such via micro-blogging and blogs and conserve my energy to focus more on my own art. Focusing on me takes some getting used to.

As much as I declare I'm going to focus on developing my own art skills, its been pretty hard putting it into practice. This is particularly true when it comes to doing work with other people. I feel like somehow I always wind up in a position where I'm either in charge, responsible for details that take away from focusing on my own stuff or I'm asked or expected to "assist" where I'm helping someone else get shine for their art or get their art off the ground. While I have been able to monetize my services successfully this year as an editor, publicist and writer, my involvement in collective art activities have usually required I provide these services for free, which have been draining and left me demoralized-- for its like being stuck in a role you are trying to move out of while everyone is trying to pin you back there. This new group I'm working with will hopefully be different.

Artist Take Back

So, I put a call out last month for artists interested in producing their own project to come out to join with other artists to put together something where we are promoting our individual work under an over-arching theme, helping with cross-promotion. We met this past Saturday and the energy seems so positive, I hope that momentum happens. I want to produce my play again in the Spring through this venture with, perhaps, some activities prefacing it that engage working mothers in a arts-educational activity that is therapeutic/healing in nature. I'll keep you posted on the details. I'm siced about this group because I put out there early that I'm not looking to be in charge this go round and everyone seems so interested in taking ownership of their art. One of the artists who showed up was a woman I had met last year in Georgia at the Songwriter's Soul Kitchen that singer Vinx holds in his home each year. She drove all the way to our meeting last Saturday from South Carolina (the mtg was in Maryland). Her dedication inspired me tremendously. I can't wait for us to pull this project off!

Beating To a Different Drummer

Speaking of focusing on art, my daughter has decided that the drums are her thing. Her dad has actually been teaching himself to play drums this past year and so she wants to get in on the action. Check her out in this video doing her thing before we walked her to the bus stop for school. Isn't she awesome? Her feet are not long enough to touch the pedal, but she is so excited and passionate about drumming that I don't think her height is going to discourage her.

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