Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nine Days in The House

So, my last post was about a week ago, but, the funny thing is, I have been in the house since two Thursdays ago. Yup, you heard me.

Now, I did go outside to do this video for my column on

And then, this one.

But that was it. (They were shot in my neighborhood, so I still didn't drive anywhere)

The snow blizzard that decided to hit us again this past Tuesday had me fastened inside with no plan to battle the cold, snow and ice. My car is even snugly layered underneath a sheet of snow/ice because I haven't gone outside to shovel it off. See, I don't do snow.

I don't drive in it. I don't like walking in it. And, I don't like driving in it. I know, I said that, but I wanted to prove a point. Snow and I don't get along!

So, the three of us-- my daughter, her dad and I--were snowed in for more than a week and we have made it to this day alive. Frankly, we get along really well and our house is of nice size that we don't step on each other and can go into our own corners when need be. But, what really makes it work is that we are all messy as hell so there is no clean phobe among us that could get mad at the mess we created by being indoors for over a week. Here are some of the things we did to create mess:

So, the top photo is of our driveway. You can see how large it is. Basically, my partner shoveled about 1/16th of it, large enough to drive his truck out and left the rest. Like I said before, my car is still covered. He didn't even waste his time because he knows I would not be out driving in that. It's supposed to snow again on Monday, so we are reserving our shoveling strength for that one. I feel it in my bones that that will be it. Seriously, I just hope that's it. For real, this snow thing is getting so old! I had to postpone three gigs mainly because the streets are so piled high with snow that even if you are to drive somewhere, there wouldn't be any parking.

When my spouse got out last Sunday to get to the store, he got pizza kits and as you can see in the photos above, we had so much fun with that. My daughter is a little gourmet. She and I made a brown sugar lemon cake last night. She didn't like it, but it is delish. I think she realized she doesn't like cake that isn't chocolate.

We played Wii, but, I admit, my daughter and her dad played more than I did. I spent a lot of time preparing for Ignite DC for next week and reviewing music for, a new writing gig I have that gives me access to new music which is soooo divine! We did play Wii today though before we all broke into our seperate corners to do our own thing and the photo above is a shot I got of my daughter. We are playing golf, but, apparantly, she had baseball in mind.

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