Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Blizzard, Lock-Down & Making Water

So...yeah. The Michael Jackson quotes from songs every day for Black History Month didn't last past day two. On day two, my kid chose the song "Rock My World" and I tell ya, you would be proud of the proverb I pulled from that song. But, it was so convoluted, extemporaneous and full of big words that flew over my child's head that her only response was "huh?". So, I vowed that I would not be so deep and wordy on day three, but the news of the impending blizzard kind of made me forget.

(In photo: I took this photo this morning. My spouse was outside shoveling our huge driveway and then decided to perhaps start with the cars because that would probably be easier. As you see, the cars were no easier. My car is the smaller one and it still has snow on it. That sucka only took snow off of his. "You won't be going anywhere anytime soon, he said." He's right.)

That's right. A snow blizzard! The snow started on Friday morning and didn't stop until Saturday evening. I had been hearing reports all week about the snow, but I it didn't become a "Blizzard" until mid-week. I did a video on Friday morning for my column and prepared to cover the snow event all weekend.

A staff person at my daughter's school told me on Thursday when I picked her up that school on Friday would be opening late and closing early. I assured her then that my daughter wasn't coming on Friday. I don't drive in snow. No way, no how. Yup, I'm one of THEM people.

So, I've been in lock down because of this snow since Friday. I got food for the house on Thursday morning and thought that we would be straight, but we are already out of water. I am boiling water as we speak but that bottle of Merlot in the fridge will have to suffice until the water gets cool enough to drink. I've been rationing the apple juice in the fridge-- my daughter tries to guzzle it by the gallon. The shoveling has been postponed until tomorrow.

I had two gigs that had been scheduled for this weekend, but they both have been postponed. I will update my calendar HERE. I've been using my time creatively though. My spouse and I wrote and produced a song; I laid down scratch vocals on Friday. And, my daughter has been practicing her piano, the drums and watching her fill of her Elmo movies.

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