Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, From Me to You

Happy Valentine's Day! Today, my sweetie made us breakfast and he and I are going to the movies later today as our Valentine's day date. I love Valentine's day, but, then again, I love all opportunities I have to hang with him and my daughter. It sounds really weird, but though I'm a performer, I very much prefer to be homebound and holed up with those two.
Speaking of performing, one of the gigs that was to have taken place this past Friday was the Haiti benefit concert I'm producing called "To Haiti, With Love". The snow made it just impossible to hold the event because, though the snow had ended, the roads in DC made it very difficult to find parking.
The event has been postponed to Feb. 26. We got great coverage for the event and the work I do with Liberated Muse by a local reporter, Wendy Coakley-Thompson. The article showcased our event which will benefit the organization YeleHAITI. You can read the article HERE.
I was thrilled this year to include Liberated Muse into the Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration, contributing a playlist made up of indie artists from our network. Here is the playlist. I hope you enjoy it this Valentine's Day.

Find more music like this on Liberated Muse

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